Saturday, December 12, 2009

On A Personal Note...

Okay I had to post these, strickly on a personal note.....
I have been sooooo incredibly busy and missing my little one's a bit so I had to share a little story...
Nicholas lost his two front teeth within 3 days of each other :0 he looks sooooo CUTE, but just a sign he's going to be EIGHT very very soon (photos will follow someday when I have time LOLOL) then a day after that, Mia came to me a couple of days after that telling me she had a loose tooth.....UGH I immediately started crying, even Jim felt badly for me. Not only is she my last, and youngest, but I LOVE the little girl in her and loosing teeth just makes them grow up soooooo much faster
Well, during our portrait party for Lake Hills, this family came to me, and just LOOK at this little princess....she is absolutely
ADORABLE and she was soooooo dang sweet!!!!! She made me feel like both of my kiddos will still be ADORABLE and WONDERFUL as they grow :)'

Honestly, they are always and forever going to be my babies`



With Love`