Thursday, July 26, 2007


I just couldn't wait to post this collage!!!! I also really wanted to thank the Steen's for allowing Milano Photography to photograph their family. Lucas is an exceptionally great lttle boy. Their proofing session was this evening, and they chose awesome, awesome prints. They also chose a collage I designed with each of them and their son....which I will post that one later, too!!! They had their cake pictures framed and matted and had everyone sign the mat so that Lucas has something to remember his 1st Birthday looks really great. I know that Lucas's grandma is waiting patiently, in Florida, to view some of the great shots of her grandson, so I hope this will be a nice treat for her and all the Steen's Family and Friends until I get the proofs uploaded for them :) Thank you, again, to the Steen Family!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Announcement #6

I had one more for Bobby's mommy that I forgot to put up, so here it is!!! :)

My Sunny Summer Faces

I just had to post some pics of my kiddies!!!! They have been lovin' the summer sun (with sunblock of course) and swimming like little fishies. I tried to capture Nicholas's new "Freckles" but I don't know if they are showing up that good. Mia has been a total sun bug. She has the cutest tan lines from her bathin suit straps. The kids have definitely been good to me this summer, and just hangin' out and playing.

Bobbie West Announcements

I am posting a couple of samples for this little guy's mommy to check out. She really liked her pictures and wanted to send some out to her friends and family. I am so very, very happy that she is enjoying them enough to share.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Steen Family

I am enjoying these photos so much, that I had to post another one from my session with the Steen Family. I am just so excited that Lucas's mommy loves her cake pictures, that I have to show her "just one more"!!!!! I have to say that I can't explain how happy it makes me when mommy's and daddy's love their photographs. It just tells me that I have accomplished what I set out to do with every session. Stopping time by pressing that button at just the right "Moment in Time". I have more favorites, and I can't wait for proofing time!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Luca's mommy contacted me with such compliments about her photo, I thought I would post another for her and Lucas's daddy. Does anyone think this little cutie loved this cake??? This is the reason I love being a the Steen Family will have this Moment of Time forever.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday - Lucas

This is Lucas....I don't even know where to begin with this little guy and his family. All I can really say is FUN and WONDERFUL. I had such a great time photographing this little man and his mommy and daddy. They welcomed me with huge open arms and were up for any type of photgraphs. I took little Lucas a cake and it didn't last but one second before he dove in!!!! It was so cute watching him. This is just one for his mommy to check out and perhaps share with his grandma in Florida who I am certain would love to see her grandson. I, of course, have so many more to post, but I wanted to give them a sneak peek......Happy Birthday to Lucas and thank you to the Steen Family for allowing me to share this event with you. Keep checking back for more awesome photos.