Sunday, October 19, 2008

.Sunday Post.

.Bebe "L" 
"Holy Spirit"

I am dedicating this Sunday's Post to one of my clients: Mr. and Mrs. Santospirito. They have the most GORGEOUS name with the most BEAUTIFUL meaning......"Holy Spirit"
They are an incredible family with an amazing little baby boy. He will be having open heart surgery this month to repair his heart. I really wanted the Santospiritos to know how AMAZING their son is and I wanted them to know this little guy is in my thoughts each and every day, he is just so special.
I was fortunate enough to spend the morning with them in their home, and what I found when I arrived just touched me. There was just something so magical about their baby, with his soul full of warmth, smiles and happiness....with such a beautiful soul, I can't even imagine a heart like his needing any repairing......
This was honestly the happiest baby ever. As much as his mommy wanted some quiet intimate moments, he was just sooooo playful and happy and fun. You couldn't STOP him from smiling and laffing..
We were fortunate, though, that we were able to really capture the best of both worlds.....sweet and intimate and fun and loving. The Santospiritos have been through so much over the past months worrying over their little man, and I just can't imagine how hard it must be. The amazing thing is you would just never know it.....they are such a strong, caring and welcoming family and so FULL of love for their baby.....Their session was soooo fun and awesome, and I will be posting some other favorites in the next couple of days!!!!!!


My thoughts and prayers are with the Santospiritos........