Sunday, October 12, 2008

.Sunday Post.

.Cowboy Day.

This is Mia's last year in Pre-K, so I am really trying to take advantage of these "parent help" days at the school.  You know, they grow up sooooo fast.  I used to think that the more photos I took, the longer the moments would last.  Like it would slow the clock down or something......I just always found myself taking THOUSANDS of photos because I thought it would preserve every last moment, but ya know what?  They are still growing up just as fast.  Actually, that is one of the main reason's I started Milano Photography.  I found that the photograph of that fleeting moment may not "STOP" the hands of time, however it gave me something to cherish FOREVER....and, it forces me to slow down and take value in the moments that we have. 
 I really wanted to be able to do that for all of you.....Capture those fleeting moments that time steels away from us.  Hence: Milano Photography was born :) 

On that note, last week was Cowboy Day at Mia's preschool.  I went over there in the morning to take some photos for the teacher of the kid's in Mia's classroom, they were soooooo darn cute.  I wanted to share a couple of Mia.  They all made these hats and bandanas and had a cookout.  
Cole is the little boy....isn't he a QT??? Cole's mommy was gracious enough to allow me to post this picture of the two.  Mia and Cole were in the same class last year, and are in seperate classes this year, but it is sooooo cute to watch them follow each other around during their recess time.  She just LOVES Cole......LOLOLOL......If Jim or I ask her about anything or anyone at school, it's always Cole's name that comes up.  They even make pictures for each other, how cute is that.  It was so funny, I was in the room packing up my gear, while the kids were on the playground, and I hear Cole come into the room and ask the teacher, (not knowing I was in there)
"Have you seen Mia, I just can't find her anywhere"  
Ummmm trouble down the road for us???? Yes, Perhaps.....LOLOLOL