Sunday, November 2, 2008

.Sunday Post.

.Ms. Mia on Being a Photogs Daughter.

Hi everybody!!! Yep, another weekend passes by and the time change has definitely thrown us off. But, nonetheless, I have a little post. 
So I get these crazy whims to drag my family around with me scouting out new locations for great photo sessions.....I mean what kid wouldn't just LOVE being the photogs daughter and model LOLOLOL
Well, normally I don't get too much argument from Ms. Mia.  She has fun being the photog's daughter/model, and my hubby, well he goes along with it and is a great sport, but
Nicholas, forget about it, UH-UH, NO HOW and NO WAY.  
But......this day, this little one just had NO desire to participate, couldn't even bribe her.  I really wanted to share that even when they aren't interested, we still get great photos.  Your little one's don't have to LOVE getting photos taken because EVERY moment can be beautiful.....just simply spending time together can present the most amazing photographic opportunities that can be cherished for a lifetime......