Friday, August 22, 2008

.Teenager's Special Request.

I couldn't resist posting this photo and this little story......
If anyone visits my senior blog, you may already know Steven. Well, during our senior session, he made a special request to have a photo of of him and his mom. Of course, thinking of my own son being a teenager going into his final year of high school one day, my heart melted...I mean seriously, how cool is that!!! So after thinking about it more, it made realize that the bond we have with our babies and children, like the one's below in these previous posts, well, they really never end....not to say the parental road is not tedious and long, but it's these little things that sure make it worthwhile :)



Ruth said...

Thank you so much for encouraging me to take this picture. I am so proud to be this great young man's mom. You made this day a wonderful experience.