Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hoover Family

Hoover sneek peek
I had the pleasure of spending the day with the Hoover children, and then later in the afternoon, we had a whole family session at Tom's Farms. It was a BLAST!!! Their home is absolutely AMAZING. The children's rooms are "Made With Love" by mom...her taste is outstanding. She sewed all the curtains, did the painting, and all the decor is her own style. We just had to capture her children in their own comfort....and that we did!!!! The Hoover's are a beautiful couple and a wonderful Family.....thank you for sharing your time with me!!!

Little Ms. "R"

Mr. "C"


S said...

WOW!!! I am so excited to see the rest. I am so glad you decided to take the fishy crackers one! What beautiful lighting! You really have a gift Natalie.

Dena_Sorensen said...

I love the colors and the lighting on these. Beautiful work!!

Tawnya Gagnon Photography said...

I love all of those images Natalie, you are really providing a great service to your clients!

Tracy Besek - Detroit Family Photographer said...

Love them! That last one looks like he thought he was really caught. lol Great job.