Friday, March 28, 2008

Baseball Season

Aren't the little players so cute!!!! Jim is coaching these little baseball players and they are so fun to watch.
Baseball is such a fantastic sport, and it's Jim's heart and soul (next to us of course!!!!). It's totally cute to see what an impact it makes on Nicholas too. He watches Angel games now....I can't believe it. It's a joy making a difference in these kid's lives. They are having a blast playing and just to see them smile is AWESOME.....Imagine one ball and 13 5-year olds running after it all at once.....

The true fact is, it forces us to STOP and take TIME out of our busy days to just hang out with our kids....:) I know from experience, we forget sometimes to just stand back, let them be and enjoy who they are .

We have lots more games, so I can't wait to get some cute shots of all the other little one's.
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Shannon said...

That was a darling photo of your son! Well worth the effort. Too bad he doesn't like having his picture taken more!

aungst5 said...

Those are the cutest Milano kids I've ever seen!!!!!!!!!

Love your Auntie